What Makes Software Engineers Stay in a New Job?

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Keeping Software Engineers Off the Job-Hopping Train

Why do software engineers stay in a new job when so many of their colleagues move on so quickly? Compared to workers in other sectors of the economy, software engineers tend to have much shorter tenures at the companies they work for.

One survey of large tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area found that almost half of software engineers left their employers within two years compared to other professions in which workers stayed with their companies for approximately 4.2 years.

While many tech employers have accepted high turnover in their software engineering corps as a fact of life, they would still prefer to keep high-performing folks on the team as long as they can. Keeping good employees longer is beneficial because recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires proves a costly and time-consuming process. As such, companies need to understand what makes software engineers stay in a new job once they arrive.

Here are four reasons why these talented individuals will stay with an employer rather than looking ahead to their next gig.

Competitive Salaries Can Make Software Engineers Stay in a New Job

Software engineers have been, are, and are likely to remain in high demand. The best among them will catch the eye of the best tech recruiters and other employers who will make affirmative overtures to lure them away from their current jobs even if they weren’t necessarily looking for new opportunities.

Everything else being equal, the simplest way to get someone to leave their present position is to offer them more money. Even without an offer, software engineers are aware of what the market will pay for their skills and talents. Employees are more likely to stay put if they know there aren’t necessarily greener pastures awaiting them.

Recognition and Acknowledgement

Money is a great motivator for software engineers, but it’s not the only one. People don’t like being taken for granted or feeling like their hard work goes unnoticed. Given the high turnover in the industry, shiny new hires can frequently become the focus of attention, leaving longer-tenured engineers to toil in obscurity.

Engineers who feel valued, who receive positive reinforcement, accolades, or acknowledgment for their efforts and accomplishments, will feel much more satisfied in their roles. That satisfaction will not only make them more likely to stick around, it will likely increase performance and productivity as well.

Growth and Challenges

Boredom and stagnation are insidious enemies for individuals like software engineers. People who are intellectually curious and crave new challenges can quickly lose their enthusiasm in a position that does not provide them with enough stimulation and opportunities for growth.

Software engineers who come into work knowing they may face something different, have a new problem to solve, or engage in tasks that expand their skillset will continue to look forward to coming into work the next day, and the day after that.

Similarly, companies that provide software engineers with policies and programs focused on their continued professional growth will feel a sense of loyalty and gratitude to an employer clearly invested in their employees’ success.

Teamwork and Values

Nobody wants to work with or for jerks. Nobody wants to attend meetings or collaborate on projects with people who are unpleasant to be around. And nobody wants to be at a company that has or allows a toxic work environment. All the money in the world may not be enough for individuals who dread their colleagues, bosses, and their workplace in general.

Conversely, companies that create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose and that take affirmative steps to build a positive company culture will find that they develop a workforce that is happy, motivated, and committed. It can be much harder for a software engineer to pick up and leave a place for which they have a legitimate fondness.

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